Hitting Drills Video Gallery

This page is where you get great instruction and drills on using the Pro Cuffs for hitting the ball!

Pro Cuffs TV- Lessons with Linc

Former Pro player, MLB Scout and Owner of Top Tier Sports Linc Martin gets you started right to be successful at the plate!

Pro Cuffs TV - Working off the Tee

The Pro Cuffs help to maximize your practice time off the tee!

Pro Cuffs TV - Soft Toss Drills

Delino Deshields, inventor of the Pro Cuffs believes in this drill... you should too!   Find out more!

Pro Cuffs TV -  Live Batting Practice

Using the Pro Cuffs in live BP will make you a better baseball or softball player through proper practice!

Pro Cuffs TV - Drills with Amanda - "Positive Weigh shift for Positive Power"!

In this Pro Cuffs TV video, pro softball player and college coach, Amanda Williams give you great tips on how to get a positive weight transfer going that will in turn give you more balance and power through the ball!

Pro Cuffs TV - Drills with Amanda - "Walk It Out" for effective hitting!

Pro Cuffs pro staff member, Chicago Bandits pro softball player and Marshall University college player and coach Amanda Williams show you you how to "Walk It Out" to be a better hitter!

Pro Cuffs TV - Drills with Amanda - "Live and Independent Hands"

It's time to get your hands "Live and Independent" with this drill from Pro Cuffs staff member and former Chicago Bandits pro softball player Amanda Williams!