$200 Equipment Won’t Fix a 50¢ Swing!

Whether you’re looking at a new $200 glove to enhance your fielding skills or a top-of-the-line bat to help your swing, the truth of the matter is this:

$200 Equipment Won’t Fix a 50¢ Swing!

In other words, no matter how great the equipment is that you purchase, you won’t become that pro baseball or softball player you’re hoping to be (or you’re hoping your players, son and/or daughter to be) if you/he/she doesn’t have the skills to back it up!


Instead, when you use the Pro Cuffs TM, you will learn how to:

  • Build muscle memory faster
  • Get Locked InTM to the game
  • Finish your swing all the way through
  • Prevent arm separation, keeping hitters “Tight 2 Contact”
  • Enhance proper footwork when fielding
  • And more!

The Pro Cuffs TM are exactly what you need to fix your skills – no new bat or glove will do that!

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what others have to say about this hitting and batting aid!

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Enhance Your Game

There’s so much more that meets the eye with the Pro CuffsTM! When you purchase the Pro CuffsTM, you gain the ability to build muscle memory faster in many drills of the game, from fielding and catching to batting.

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Help Your Players Better Their Game!

Don’t you want to give your softball and baseball players every opportunity to be the absolute best they can be? Watch this testimonial of how Steve Moody did just that for his daughter Rylie with the Pro CuffsTM!

“It’s inherent in all of us to be passionate about the things we believe in.”

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Ask Delino!

Do you know anyone who’s in a funk? Maybe a teammate can’t figure out how to master their swing. Maybe it’s your son or daughter that is struggling to get in front of the ball when fielding. Could it possibly be that the first person you thought of was yourself, for a fielding or hitting skill you need work on?

If anyone comes to mind, ask your questions! We want to be able to help players get out of their “fundamentals funk” by offering feedback from former MLB pros like Delino DeShields because getting back to the basics will help players fix complex problems.

What you need to do to participate:

  • Take a video or picture of you or someone you know performing a skill that needs help.
  • Upload the photo to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag us in it!
    • Tag @theprocuffs on Facebook and Instagram
    • Tag @TheProCuffs on Twitter
  • Share the skill you or your friend is trying to master, and ask any questions you may have on how to fix it!
  • Delino DeShields, or another expert will respond as soon as possible with advice on your form and fundamentals to work on!

Be sure to spread the word! It’s not often you’ll get the opportunity to gain insight from a baseball (or softball) pro and go from zero to hero! Ask Delino online, or contact us for more information!

New Glove or New Skills?

What do you look for in a new glove?

  • Proper size
  • Right style for the position you play
  • Durability and material quality
  • Good webbing
  • In your price range

But what is your price range? A new glove with good quality can easily cost anywhere in the ballpark of $200. And what are you getting out of it?

We can tell you what you’re not getting out of it – you’re not gaining new skills or proper footwork. You won’t find enhanced muscle memory from a new glove purchase, nor will you discover how to keep your hands in the correct position to field the ball.

Yes, you might need a new glove if your old one is tattered or maybe if you change positions on the field. But overall, purchasing a new glove isn’t going to change your game. And that’s what you should really be focusing on when you decide to make new purchases for the field. What will actually improve your fielding skills, your footwork and your hand positioning?

The Pro CuffsTM, a revolutionary baseball and softball hitting and fielding aid, is guaranteed to help players at any level of the game Get Locked InTM and get better, faster through quicker muscle memory. You will physically see your skills benefit from this tool in practice, even in live drills. This $60 purchase will easily bring you a much greater return on investment than any new glove can, and at a much lower cost.

Besides, who doesn’t love the feeling of a broken-in glove?

You can decide for yourself if you’d rather invest in a new glove or new skills. Keep your glove and access new skills when you use the Pro CuffsTM instead!

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Now or Later?

Practice feels tedious. You enjoy certain aspects of practice, like maybe the batting cages. But sitting there, drill after drill, catching the same pop fly in the same position for an extended period of time is monotonous and quite frankly, can get boring. I think you’ll agree that sometime you may even begin wondering if it’s worth it.

You’ll do just fine in the game. You won the last one, so what’s the big deal about this next game? The opponents you’re up against next lost their last game anyways.

Having this mentality is setting yourself up for failure. Instead, try going into every practice remembering that hard work pays off. Without putting 100% into every practice, you’ll never be able to give it your best in the game.

The last place you want to be learning a new skill or running into a fundamentals error for the first time is during a game, so appreciate every drill and prepare well for every game.

Learn how you can gain muscle memory faster during practice with Pro Cuffs TV, and buy a pair today!

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It’s Not the Bat

It’s easy to look at the quality of the bat you’re using when you go through a rough patch behind the plate. How many times have you gotten frustrated and purchased a new bat made of the best material, greatest grip and perfect weight in hopes of helping out your batting average?

Doesn’t always work, does it?

We’ll give it to you straight; the issue isn’t the bat used. The issue is the skill behind the bat. You can keep on purchasing the latest and greatest until your garage is overflowing with bats. But if you aren’t putting the hard work behind the scenes, maximizing your skills with the proper footwork and ensuring your hand placement is correct, you’ll never get that homerun.

When you work on the fundamentals of your swing with the Pro CuffsTM, you’ll see much greater improvements than you would simply from buying the next best bat, not to mention the money you’ll save from staying out of the sports store.

Give your wallet and your bats a break, and give your swing a chance by fixing the fundamentals of your swing first and foremost.

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Are the Pro Cuffs Good for Catchers? Oh Yeah!!!

Sometime catchers get left out of the baseball/softball training aid thing.Not with the Pro Cuffs! They are a great tool to make catchers better, faster!

Do the Pro Cuffs help Catchers? Here what player Mason Tritt has to say!

Mason Tritt shares his thoughts on why the Pro Cuffs have made him a better college baseball player.

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  • Force hitters to finish their swings.
  • Enhance proper footwork when fielding.
  • Prevent arm separation to keep hitters “Tight 2 Contact.”
  • Benefit player anywhere on the field, even in live fielding drills.
  • Maximize power in batters by promoting a powerful hip turn.

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It’s All In Good Spirits

Win or lose, the fun in any kind of game depends on the sportsmanlike conduct that is shown. Even between players on the same team, if one person is knocking another down whether physically or emotionally, the whole team suffers. To help your team act as one unit when playing on the team, remember these tips:

Optimism goes a long way.

Even after the worst play you could imagine happens, keeping your team upbeat and positive with complements on anything that went well or constructive tips to improve technique. Find the silver lining in every situation, because perspective can change everything.

When you lose, remember it’s just a game.

No matter how important that game was for the season, there is never a reason to let your team feel like the world is crashing down after a loss. Pick your team back up and congratulate the other team respectfully.

When you win, don’t rub it in.

Just as bad as a sore loser, no one wants to hear a winning team showing off to the team that just lost. Teach your team to shake hands respectfully with the other team and congratulate them on their hard work.

It's not about the star player.

It doesn’t matter who the best on the team is if he/she has no one to play with. Building up the team as a whole is essential to creating a comfortable atmosphere where all players are treated equally and respect one another.


When you create a team that works well together, lifts each other up and helps everyone improve, an unstoppable energy exists no matter the score. Using drills during practices that require players to depend on, trust and encourage one another is the first step to great sportsmanlike conduct in your players, on and off the field. Equipment like the Pro CuffsTM can help your team grow stronger together, as everyone works to improve themselves individually and encourages each other to work harder.

Purchase this great investment for your team today, or contact us for more information.

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  Former pro and inventor of the Pro CuffsTM Delino Deshields encouraging a player using the hitting aids. 

Former pro and inventor of the Pro CuffsTM Delino Deshields encouraging a player using the hitting aids. 

He Said, She Said

You can only brag about your product so much before people begin to wonder if your product is really worth it. We are proud and excited about the list of prestigious baseball and softball organizations, teams, coaches and players that are endorsing the Pro CuffsTM including:

Danny Hall 2.jpg

“The Pro Cuffs are legit! You guys are on to something! Especially with outside pitches.”

Head Baseball Coach for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Danny Hall

“The Pro Cuffs are a fantastic training tool for any level of player! For hitting and fielding, you can’t beat them for making you better, faster!”

Former Pro Softball Player for the Chicago Bandits Amanda Williams



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Get Locked Into the Game

Great for batting practices, hitting aids and training and fielding drills, the Pro CuffsTM allow baseball and softball players to lock into the game, placing focus where it really matters. Once strapped around the wrists, players learn to keep their hands together better when batting and use two hands when fielding. Improving hand position automatically helps the feet be in the right position as well.

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Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.37.34 AM.png

Get Better, Faster

Everyone knows practice makes perfect, but sometimes reaching the level of perfection you want can take longer than expected. That’s where the Pro CuffsTM come in to play. Guaranteed to make the learning curve shorter and muscle memory work faster, the Pro CuffsTM teach players to have their hands in the right place at the right time, in fielding and batting.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.46.17 AM.png

Lightweight, portable and easy to use, these hitting aids allow for a full range of motion and mobility. Because of the nature of the product, they are usable outside on the field, in a batting cage and even for indoor practice.

Former pro baseball player Delino DeShields invented this product, and his son, Delino DeShields, Jr. says, “The Pro Cuffs have made me the player I am today!” Players are able to improve their game through this practice equipment by increasing hitting power, swing speed and mechanics. Learning these skill through repetitive actions will help players move their feet better when their hands are in the right position.

Never miss catching that dreaded short hop again!

Purchase your set of the Pro CuffsTM today, in pink or blue!

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"Be A Good Teammate!"

It is so important to be a good teammate and have camaraderie on and off the field.  If you are working towards a common goal it is vital that you can trust your teammates.  Having each others back and being able to pick one another up after a mistake really brings a team together.  Also having responsibility and accountability are key components to success. 

Take responsibility of your actions and maintain and understand your role. Everyone has a part on the team and accepting your role is crucial.  Shut down negativity and make sure your team buys in to the process.  There are ups and downs in the season but if get behind your coaches and trust them you are in for a great journey.  If you have a problem with something have a conversation with the coach; don't speak negatively with your teammates. 

Create a winning culture in everything you do.  Work hard and set a good example for those around you.  Being teammates is so rewarding and can create life long friendships; treat your teammates like you want to be treated!

Amanda Williams is a National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) All Star playing with the Chicago Bandits, Rockford Thunder and the Tennessee Diamonds. She is a former four-year starter in center field for Marshall University and also coached  for the Thundering Herd for 7 years.

"The Drop Step"

No matter what position you play on the field you need to be equipped to use the drop stop. The drop step is the footwork you use to catch a ball over head. The most important thing with the drop step is to cover ground; you want to focus on the first 2 steps.

It is important to open up big and cross over big. You want to open up to the direction that the ball is hit. If the ball is hit over my right shoulder, I want to open up and drop my right foot back and cross over big with my left foot. It's important to get my hips going in the direction that the ball is hit. Common mistakes are trying to crossover first with the left foot or taking a short step with the right foot.

It is key to be in good running form, pumping your glove, and to be running in the direction that the ball is hit with your head turned back to the ball. You may see kids trying to backpedal or crisscross trying to get to the ball. We can simply run with our back to the ball and turn our head over our shoulder to find the ball.

Again, we want to cover ground and create a good angle to where the ball is going to land, so opening up our hips is key to this process. You can work on your drop steps many ways. You can use tennis balls with no glove to work on soft hands, do line drive tosses that way you can focus on being explosive with your first couple steps, or you can do longer tosses and challenge the fielder to cover ground. It is important to work all angles of the drop step.

Drop steps are part of the everyday routine in college and even the pros. It's key to continue to work on the fundamentals of the game even at the highest level. So be sure to incorporate drop steps as part of your daily routine and not just for outfielders; as we all have to be able to catch fly balls no matter what position we play!

bandits headshot

Amanda Williams is a National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) All Star playing with the Chicago Bandits, Rockford Thunder and the Tennessee Diamonds. She is a former four-year starter in center field for Marshall University and also coachedfor the Thundering Herd for 7 years.

Andi Williamson takes off for Japan

        Andi Williamson

        Andi Williamson

Andi Williamson is about to embark on a new journey in her softball career. Although she will still be playing the game that she has grown to know and love, she will now be playing oversees. Andi played college ball at Marshall University and was a Rookie in the National Pro Fastpitch league with the Chicago Bandits last summer. I had the opportunity to coach Andi while at Marshall and she is one of the most competitive athletes I have ever been around. She is one of those athletes that are a joy to watch. She is a hard worker and gives her best when on the mound and expects the same from her teammates. Andi has been successful at every level in her career and I’m sure will prove to be just that in Japan as well. Although she will be pitching with the same ball and playing with the same rules; her experience will be quite different. In Japan, the professional league is run more like a business and she will have practice with typical 9-5 hours. As only 1 of 2 Americans on the team, this excursion will sure be an exciting one for the West Virginia native. I was able to ask Andi a few questions before she leaves for Japan in just a few days.

What are you most excited about playing in Japan?

I am just excited to experience the game in a new culture, to see how it is played over there, and hopefully I will get the chance to learn something new about the game that I can bring back here.

What is going to be the biggest adjustment for you?

The hardest part for me will be being away from my family. I am so close to them so it will be a big adjustment for me to be that far away from them.

You were Rookie of the Year and an All Star in the National Pro Fastpitch league. What was your biggest adjustment going from playing at Marshall to playing professionally with the Chicago Bandits?

Honestly I didn't really have to change that much, I just had to stay within myself and trust my pitches. The hitters are strong one through nine so I had to make sure I was very precise when pitching, because in the league you can't make too many mistakes and get away with it.

To date, what was your most memorable and exciting softball experience?

Definitely winning Conference Championship with Marshall, that will always be one of my most cherished memories.

Any words or phrases that you live by and take to the field with you?

I always stick to the bible verse Philippians 4:13--I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So if I'm ever struggling or anything I use that to help me get back in my zone.

What advice do you have for young athletes?

You will have failures and setbacks but don't use them as negatives and let them get you down, use them as motivation to improve and achieve your goals. Never give up on your dreams because if you believe and work hard anything is possible!


bandits headshot.jpg

Amanda Williams is a National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) All Star playing with the Chicago Bandits, Rockford Thunder and the Tennessee Diamonds. She is a former four-year starter in center field for Marshall University and also coachedfor the Thundering Herd for 7 years.