"Be A Good Teammate!"

It is so important to be a good teammate and have camaraderie on and off the field.  If you are working towards a common goal it is vital that you can trust your teammates.  Having each others back and being able to pick one another up after a mistake really brings a team together.  Also having responsibility and accountability are key components to success. 

Take responsibility of your actions and maintain and understand your role. Everyone has a part on the team and accepting your role is crucial.  Shut down negativity and make sure your team buys in to the process.  There are ups and downs in the season but if get behind your coaches and trust them you are in for a great journey.  If you have a problem with something have a conversation with the coach; don't speak negatively with your teammates. 

Create a winning culture in everything you do.  Work hard and set a good example for those around you.  Being teammates is so rewarding and can create life long friendships; treat your teammates like you want to be treated!

Amanda Williams is a National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) All Star playing with the Chicago Bandits, Rockford Thunder and the Tennessee Diamonds. She is a former four-year starter in center field for Marshall University and also coached  for the Thundering Herd for 7 years.