It’s All In Good Spirits

Win or lose, the fun in any kind of game depends on the sportsmanlike conduct that is shown. Even between players on the same team, if one person is knocking another down whether physically or emotionally, the whole team suffers. To help your team act as one unit when playing on the team, remember these tips:

Optimism goes a long way.

Even after the worst play you could imagine happens, keeping your team upbeat and positive with complements on anything that went well or constructive tips to improve technique. Find the silver lining in every situation, because perspective can change everything.

When you lose, remember it’s just a game.

No matter how important that game was for the season, there is never a reason to let your team feel like the world is crashing down after a loss. Pick your team back up and congratulate the other team respectfully.

When you win, don’t rub it in.

Just as bad as a sore loser, no one wants to hear a winning team showing off to the team that just lost. Teach your team to shake hands respectfully with the other team and congratulate them on their hard work.

It's not about the star player.

It doesn’t matter who the best on the team is if he/she has no one to play with. Building up the team as a whole is essential to creating a comfortable atmosphere where all players are treated equally and respect one another.


When you create a team that works well together, lifts each other up and helps everyone improve, an unstoppable energy exists no matter the score. Using drills during practices that require players to depend on, trust and encourage one another is the first step to great sportsmanlike conduct in your players, on and off the field. Equipment like the Pro CuffsTM can help your team grow stronger together, as everyone works to improve themselves individually and encourages each other to work harder.

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  Former pro and inventor of the Pro CuffsTM Delino Deshields encouraging a player using the hitting aids. 

Former pro and inventor of the Pro CuffsTM Delino Deshields encouraging a player using the hitting aids.